Secret Loyalties

Douglas Castle Carnival

Elemental enjoyments and childlike glee

As the sun sinks, you watch the silent growth of another sea. A sea the stormy ocean of wind can never disturb. A sea of darkness. First you notice it gather in the bottom of hollow places, then all the little pits on hillsides. Each becomes a wellspring where it gathers, and where it seems to overflow, till it buries the earth with it’s mass, and rising high into the heavens, sweeps over the faces of the stars, washing the blinding day from them, letting each one shine, down through the waters of the dark to your eyes below. Sunset complete, and encased in darkness the small town carnival has completed its transformation. It is now a beacon of both sound and light to the local humanity. A humanity represented in all shapes, manners, and forms. Each gathered to partake in the two year festival of J.R. Douglas.

The cool breeze of the fall wind signals ripples of activity across your skin as chill bumps form, and brings a myriad of aromas to your palate. Cotton candy, deep fried goodness, and grilled meats all blend together to confuse, amaze, and tempt your sense of smell. Load music, barker calls, laughter, and screams of delight assault your hearing. All while a thousand blinking lights blind, confuse, and transfix your vision. Each and every sensory input combine together to overwhelm and overload your sense of normal. You know to your core, you understand without a doubt, that you are submerged in an elemental force of enjoyment and childlike glee.

Will the players be able to discover the kidnapper, locate the missing wizard, and uncover the plan before midnight at the carnival?



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