Laughing Toad

Laughing Toad is an up and coming member of the Sauk gang. A member who has been moving a lot of new product called Crux. A fact that placed him on the DEA’s radar. The DEA, low on man power contracted out to the Nearum Group for a standard report on his activities. This was the team’s first task when recruited in to the Nearum Group. The team discovered that Laughing Toad had been selling large amounts of Crux to rival members of the Tusc gang. During one such deal, the team manipulated events to have him arrested. Charges that he managed to avoid somehow.

Laughing Toad appears to be a typical native american man, however, Police records indicate differently. Conspiracy to Deliver a Controlled Substance, Aiding and Abetting, Second Degree Theft, Assault with Injury, Drug Paraphernalia, Disorderly Conduct, Reckless Driving, Felony Eluding, and Interference with official Acts.

Laughing Toad’s Hangs and sales points:
The PhoenixEl Bait ShopRaccoon River Brewing Co
UndergroundGardenLiars ClubLift
Laughing Toad is friendly with the staff and bouncers. He is careful to ensure he is not followed by having a driver on lookout, and a bodyguard.

High Concept: Sauk Drug Dealer
Other Aspects:
Trail of Broken Promises
I’ve got something Just for you

(4) Deceit
3) Rapport, Contacts
(2) Alertness, Intimidation, Stealth
1) Burglary, Resources, Presence, Empathy

Study the Mark (Deceit): Use Deceit to read people your trying to sell to.
Takes One to Know One (Deceit): Use Deceit to notice lies.
Shield of Lies (Deceit): Deceit determines the Social Stress track.
Con Man (Deceit): +2 to Deceit when trying to convince someone to buy from you.

Physical Stress: 0 0
Mental Stress: 0 0 0
Social Stress: 0 0 0

Total Refresh Cost: -2 (Pure Mortal)

Laughing Toad

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