SitH Part I

- Session 1 -

Scene 1 – Saturday, September 1st, 2006, Noon.

After Jane Sundall sends invitations for Nearum Group work, a collection of oddities gather at the Wakanda Golf Club. The entire course is abandoned save for the staff put in place by the Nearum Group. Each arrival is informed by staffers that personalized apparel and equipment has been provided, and each in turn finds themselves dressed with caddy on the tee of first green. Lorenzo Nearum CEO of the Nearum Group promptly arrives in a perfect white suit and begins formal introductions. Almost at once the group finds themselves at ease as bad strokes, slices, and mulligans insue. Despite the poor golf performaces, the origins of the Nearum Group, reasons for the meeting, and purpose of the foundation are quickly explained. As well as a employment offer of a lifetime. $250,000 with a $100,000 bonus to be paid upon completion of duties, over a 10 year period. Not to mention expense account, and paid housing.

Scene 2 – Saturday, September 1st, 2006, 2pm.

Paperwork. There is always paperwork, Non-Disclosure agreements, investment accounts, retirement accounts, insurance, company ID Badges, stock options. All the name signing, and contract reading wouldn’t have been so bad. But Scott Foster made it stretch into boredom. He took pride in his work, loved the number crunching, and sounded like Kermit the frog which in combination made a person long for a bullet to chew on.

Training. Briefing. Call it what you will, every job has it. Today, it took the form of an assignment to assist the DEA, complete with folder of satelitte images, 8×10 glossy photo, and list of addresses. Roy Archer stood with an intensity often lacking in others, and with direct sentances he explained how the DEA was short staffed and under funded. They needed a third party to assist in monitoring a person of interest. Laughing Toad. Sounded like a bad joke, but the pay wasn’t. Observe for one week, noting activites, locations, contacts, and resources. Roy Archer made sure each and every person assembled understood, that under no circumstances was there to be any direct contact with Laughing Toad.

Scene 3 – Saturday, September 1st, 2006, 5pm.

Corporate housing, would never come to mind when trying to describe the structure the group found themselves based in. A fully restored and renovated historic building in Des Moines. Hand carved wooden banisters, antique furniture, and well worn hearth contrasted sharply against the wall sized plasma television, wifi, and state of the art security systems. Each new associate claimed space and quickly begain pouring over the data presented in the briefing. The address list and satelitte photos showed a grouping of clubs and bars in downtown Desmoines. Splitting up the group headed out for a night on the town, prowling for Laughing Toad.

Scene 4 – Saturday, September 1st, 2006, 7pm.

What started out as an uneventfull outing quickly escalated into a full on drug deal, and botched assignment. How? Funny you should ask. After using personal resources and contacts to discover what they could about Laughing Toad. Each headed out to various bars and clubs in an attempt to locate Laughing Toad. No one was having any luck, but all found themselves enjoying the downtown Des Moines nightlife. Jerry Keller in an attempt to uncover additional information about Laughing Toad worked his way into a small group that looked to be having a better time than the rest of the patrons. Asking them about something stronger than spirits, the Party Boys surprised Jerry, by offering to sell him some of the latest new party drug Crux and happy to help a new friend, they let Jerry know Laughing Toad supplied all their fun. Jerry now nervous, a fact the Party Boys picked up on attempted to make his loosen up, the only way they knew how. They attempted to pressure him into using Crux. Jerry only managed to resist the peer pressure by agreeing to purchase a number of highs from Laughing Toad which he did. Laughing Toad happy to have a new customer added Jerry’s cell number to his contacts, and continued on his merry way.

- Session 2 -

Scene 5 – Saturday, September 1st, 2006, 1am.

Having found their target the team follows Laughing Toad‘s trail to another location. The Underground. Desmond, Wilhelm, and Fiona make their way inside and to a booth adjacent to the target, where they over hear Laughing Toad discussing business with an rather large unidentified male. A trade of keys is made, and both men leave going separate ways. Desmond, attempting to learn more about Laughing Toad’s contact quietly tails him into an alley. The same alley that Gerardo, stumbles into when following an unusual couple who emerged from the Underground. A couple that Jerry swears he witnessed “easily scale a two story building”. Not attempting any stealth, Gerardo enters the alley, sees the unknown male and asks, “Have you seen my friend?” The unknown figure is joined by several others bearing tribal markings, and lots of muscle. At this time, Laughing Toad‘s vehicle begins to pull away, and Jerry not wanting to loose the target begins to follow. The rear tire on the team’s van goes flat, and the chase is quickly over before it begain. Returning to the house the Nearum Group provided the team settles in for the night.

Scene 6 – Sunday, September 2nd, 2006

The team reviews the actions of the previous night, goes over what intel they gained, hack the DMV, and hear intresting noises coming from upstairs. Later that night, nearly the whole team heads to the Linheart Park, a stones throw from Laughing Toad’s house. They identify the Escalade in the garage and see two other cars parked in the front. The team stakes out the house, and later only sees a single car leave, and return with pizza and beer. Once the sun sets, the team returns downtown in hopes of catching sight of Laughing Toad conducting business. They see nothing.

Scene 7 – Monday, September 3rd, 2006

Fiona finds herself in heaven as the steamer trunks she has been waiting for arrive. All four of them. What ever they contain, they seem to keep her busy until the evening hours.

Desmond’s publisher has found a means for him to sell more books. By getting his name out into the Teen Supernatural Romance market. A meeting with the overly talkative romance author leads to a chance meeting with Roxanne Richie. WOIT’s very own star reporter, and the possibility of an exclusive interview. But will the visions Desmond has begun having help or hinder his endevours?

Gerardo has agreed to assist the local Iomasda Academy with the younger classes. The Grand Master is at wits end as his assistant has moved away due to a job relocation. Will Gerardo be able to instruct the children, or will the children be instructing him?

Jerry finishes his mysterious task upstairs. Where did all that dirt come from?

Wilhelm returns to work, attempting to balance the late nights and minding a book store is beginning to take its toll on his body. As he considers hiring some part time college kids to help with business, he recieves a visitor with a curious shopping list, and remembers why the average college kids would never work out. Between customers Wilhelm begins his digging on the tribal patterns Gerardo and Desmond described from the meeting in the alley hoping to undercover something the team can use.

Scene 8 – Monday, September 3rd, 2006 – Night

The team once again stakes out downtown in an attempt to find the trail of Laughing Toad, but comes up cold.

Scene 9 – Tuesday, September 4th, 2006

Fiona recieves intel from her primary employer about a rival named Sotomura Masaka that is in the area. Shortly after reading the file provided, she notices a day old message on her secondary cell phone. A message from none other than Sotomura Masaka. He is asking for a luncheon at the local “Sanctuary”. Rushing to the meeting Fiona hopes for the best and is rewarded with an uneventful meeting. Despite that, Fiona is left with questions about the motives of the rival, and the meaning behind the Jade elephant she recieved as a gift.

Desmond recieves a call from Roxanne Richie asking him to join her for an interview at the [[Zombie Burger & Drink Lab]]. She has recearched him and questions his actual belief in the topics he writes about. Discussing the supernatural in an atmosphere of old zombie movie posters, Desmond confides in Roxanne that he doesn’t sleep well at night. She asks him to prove it and leaves him her cell phone number. Leaving the establishment happy, Desmond is still concerned about the recent vision he saw on the way to Zombie Burger.

Gerardo returns to Iomasda Academy and sees patterns in the chaos of the children. Kimmy Delaine won a tournament last year and has a small following of “warrior princesses”. Robert Martinez a brutish young man has a pair of goons that follow him around, Thomas Flowers and Wendell Minyard. Robert keeps them in check though taunts and jeers. A gifted student Johnathan Francis Fuller seems to excel but then falters when Robert or Kimmy’s egos flair. After class at Iomasada Academy Gerardo interrupts a struggle betwen Robert, his goons, and Johnathan. Watching for a moment, Gerardo sees that Johnathan isn’t fighting back, he is just blocking, dodging, or taking the punishment that Robert is dishing out. Stopping the fight and running off the bullies, Gerardo befriends Johnathan, patches him up and promises to teach him some new moves.

Jerry informs the team that the Party Boys contacted him and want to get together as a way to repay him for a fun Saturday night. Desmond gives Jerry a pep talk that included the words, don’t mess up. Will Jerry’s new found friends hinder the team, or allow them to gain insight into the assigned case.

Wilhelm once more returns to his bookstore and manages to dig up some information on the tribal markings Gerardo and Desmond described from their meeting in the alley. But what does the Tusc gang have to do with Laughing Toad? Laughing Toad is a member of the Sauk gang, and the two do not play well together. His questions would have to wait however as a mysterious pair of men demanding answers about Gerardo rough him up. The only clue to who they are is a business card with an Ouroboros and a phone number.

Scene 10 – Tuesday, September 4th, 2006 – Night

The team once again stakes out downtown in an attempt to find the trail of Laughing Toad, but comes up cold.

Scene 11 – Wednesday, September 5th, 2006

Fiona recieves a frantic call from an unknown number, a person calling himself Lance Poirer. He seems to know about Fiona and hastily sets up a meeting at Jordan Creek Mall. A quick search through Fiona’s database turns up data on Lance Poirer revealing him as a deep cover agent for her primary employer. With no information about his current assignment she leaves to lend aid to a fellow emissary. His frantic actions, ragged appearance and meaningless prattle catch Fiona off guard. She accepts a Encoded Key Ring, and with a departing lunge Lance manages to gain a few drops of Fiona’s blood for some kind of failsafe. Angry and confused Fiona returns to the team, in time for their standard night out on the town.

Gerardo takes the day off from the Iomasada Academy to assist Wilhelm and Desmond pose as Orkin pest control and get inside Laughing Toad‘s house. Wilhelm manned the Van, while Desmond talked his way inside, and looked around the house. Finding nothing but a large cache of guns hidden under the furniture in the front room. Desmond uses the Van ride away from Laughing Toad’s residence to contact Roxanne Richie and set a date for Saturday night.

Scene 12 – Wednesday, September 5th, 2006 – night

The team once again stakes out downtown in an attempt to find the trail of Laughing Toad, but comes up cold.

Scene 13 – Thursday, September 6th, 2006

Fiona spends time researching Lance Poirer, Sotomura Masaka, Tusc, and Sauk. With her brain hitting brick walls she dives into the Encoded Key Ring but has no success.

Desmond begins writing the forward for the Teen Supernatural Romance Bigfoot Angst. After writing several drafts, Desmond settles on one, sends it to his publisher and hopes he never has to write such drivel again.

Gerardo supervises the kids in the after school program and teaches his classes, after which he begins his one on one teaching with Johnathan who eagerly learns everything Gerardo shares.

Wilhelm returns to the book store wondering if the team has managed to get enough information for the Nearum Group and rubbing his bruises from the mysterious men hunting Gerardo, wonders how much physical pain he will have to take before he lashes out himself.

- Session 3 -

Scene 14 – Thursday, September 6th, 2006 – night

The team once again stakes out downtown in an attempt to find the trail of Laughing Toad, but instead finds they have been watched the past couple of nights by the Tusc gang. They make themselves known as the party is divided up in to various locations.

Fiona keeps her attackers talking while she backs to the edge of the Downtown Parking Ramp, and with a snarky challenge of “come get me” falls two stories to the ground below, landing with a heavy thud, and managing only to twist her ankle.

Desmond when onset by Tusc gang members whispered some power into the breeze and slammed a trash dumpster into the trio knocking them to the ground. As they clambered to their feet, Desmond used the opportunity to launch himself to the roof of a nearby building, and evaded pursuit.

Gerardo showed a few flashy moves when accosted by the Tusc gang members, tangling and tripping them up into a ball of arms and legs. Gerardo used the opening to fling himself down the stairs, and run back to the team’s vehicle.

Willhelm found himself set upon by a trio of Tusc foot soldiers, a situation where his tongue managed to get him beaten and bruised. Fearing the kicks and blows would not end, Willhelm feigned unconsciousness. An activity that allowed him to overhear a phone conversation by the Tusc members revealing a deal going down in the morning. The Tusc members felt sure that the team tracking Laughing Toad would not be an issue.

Scene 15 – Thursday, September 6th, 2006 – Later that night.

With the knowledge of an eminent drug deal going down, the team leaps into damage control. Planting a GPS tracking device on the Winnebago outside Laughing Toad residence. The team then contacted the Nearum Group for direction, and course of action. The Nearum Group contacted the DEA, ATF, and local law enforcement. Giving them the frequency of the GPS tracking device the party was to monitor the bust.

Scene 16 – Friday, September 7th, 2006 – early morning.

The team finds the Winnebago parked in a local Hospital parking lot. Scanning the area they locate a station wagon, that members of the Tusc gang was seen driving away in days before. A member of the Tusc gang, gets out of the station wagon, and drives away in the Winnebago, while Laughing Toad does the opposite. During the drop, Gerardo, thinks he sees a familiar couple watching the whole transaction, but he second guesses himself and stays quiet.

Police follow the Winnebago back to the Tusc safe house and make the bust. Large quantities of Crux are discovered, as well as a considerable cache of weapons. Twelve members of the Tusc gang are arrested. Laughing Toad is also arrested, but is released later that day on bail.

Scene 17 – Friday, September 7th, 2006 – Day

The team finalizes their reports and prepares for Saturday’s Debriefing.

Scene 18 – Saturday, September 8th, 2006 – Day

Roy Archer meets with the team as they are debriefed. Fiona hands in a very detailed report spinning the actions of the team in a very positive way. Roy is happy that they verified Toad’s dealing locations, located his residence, obtained a sample of the drug named Crux, and led authorities to a large drug bust. Roy also explains that the mission was only a test, a milk run. All the tasks that will be set before the team in the future would be very different, and with that dismissed the team, granting them a week to rest up for the next assignment.

SitH Part I

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